Other things and feedback

There are a host of other issues that need to be addressed. Some may be more important, some not so much. This list is both my thoughts and suggestions from North Shu residents. Feel free to add your ideas!

  • Update the Official Community Plan (OCP), it hasn’t been looked at in almost 10 years
  • Promote the North Shu as a place for affordable housing… this appeals to young families who work in remote or varied areas so it doesn’t matter where their principle residence is as long as they can get to an airport.
  • Bike paths or road widening to accommodate bikes along Squilax-Anglemont Road.
  • Change the name of Squilax-Anglemont Road
  • Fire breaks for our communities

2 thoughts on “Other things and feedback

  1. The road name is a bit of a mouthful. Here are a few musically inspired suggestions:

    Holiday Road – Lindsay Buckingham
    The Long and Winding Road – Beatles
    Thunder Road – Bruce Springsteen
    Yellow Brick Road – Elton John
    Hard Road – Black Sabbath
    Telegraph Road – Dire Straits
    Copperhead Road – Steve Earle
    Tobacco Road – Jefferson Airplane
    Country Road – James Taylor
    Tokyo Road – Bon Jovi
    The Long and Winding Road – Billy Ocean
    Seven Bridges Road – Eagles

    Good luck with the CSRD election!


  2. These are suggestions received to the Chamber:

    · Flowers and watering/maintaining A boardwalk with the shops together

    · A park with benches, table and maybe a water feature. Suggestions as to the corner which Dean Acton owns or BC Parks land across from Shuswap Lake Provincial Park

    · Extend the walking path around the corner to grocery store and add a crosswalk over to the drugstore

    · Get rid of billboards (many times)

    · Competition between communities

    · Planters, Throw seeds down of wild flowers and other hardy non evasive flowering perennials.

    · Cut the grass around signs

    · Flowers on The Centre sign

    · Cutting the grass along the roadway

    · Derelict buildings

    · Signs on posts all through the North Shuswap (many times)

    · Unsightly properties along the roadway

    · Extending the Multi Use pathway.

    Review online regarding Scotch Creek:

    Local town of Scotch Creek is getting a bit run down. Needs a lot more sidewalks or paths in town since it’s hard to get to park except on the too fast highway. Oddly you have to walk or bike on roads or highway for much of the town. Businesses in area are plain and don’t really try to feel like a destination. Most are like old industrial park in design. Landscaping or even a single tree are rate by shops or businesses…even new ones. I guess they think nearby forests are enough but they aren’t


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