Election 2022 is almost here. You’ll have a chance to decide
who best represents your interests to the outside world.
It’s an important decision at a pivotal time.

It’s critical to let the CSRD and the Province know
we speak strongly with one voice.
On Saturday October 15th, please Vote!


We all know the North Shuswap is truly a paradise. I don’t have to convince you, you believe it or you wouldn’t be here. And most of the North Shuswap is pretty great the way it is. A nice rural setting with lots of room to be just who we want to be. But a few more services, facilities, opportunities would be nice.

To get that we need to rejuvenate our community. The only way to do that is with some development. Not a huge amount, and not everywhere. A reasonable amount that will bring in more families and kids. This will allow our service businesses to stay open all year long, with more kids the school grows and provides more of the education opportunities of bigger schools, a population that would support maybe a bank and an insurance office. We need to look ahead, we need to plan. Plan where this will happen, how this will happen, and then make it happen.

Covid limited the opportunities to get together as a community. I planned to have at least one, if not two, town hall meetings each year. I did manage that in 2019, but 2020 and 2021 didn’t allow that. I have had one this spring 2022 and have plans for ’23 and beyond. During this election period I look forward to meeting with you and hearing your stories, plans and problems. This is the best part of my job as your CSRD Director.

My Vision
The North Shuswap is a community that knows where it’s going,
and is working together to get there.

After 4 years as your Director, I know that things don’t change overnight. It takes perseverance, patience  and work. If we all pull in the same direction, together, we can make it happen.

Please vote for Jay Simpson as your CSRD Director, Saturday October 15, 2022.