How to Vote

Residents of the North Shuswap, if you are here on October 15, can vote at the polling stations: Scotch Creek Fire Hall, Celista Community Centre, Lakeview Centre, or Seymour Arm. Advance polling is at the CSRD offices in Salmon Arm on October 5th between 8am and 8pm.

How to vote? This link will take you to the CSRD website for more info.

Non-Resident Property Electors

When a person lives in one jurisdiction and owns property in one or more other jurisdictions, they may vote once in each of the other jurisdictions where they own property, as long as they meet the voter eligibility requirements.

If a person owns a property with one or more other individuals, only one person is eligible to vote as the non-resident property elector for that property. The owner entitled to vote must be designated, in writing, by the majority of the property owners.

Can I vote by mail?

Yes. Mail ballot voting is available for resident electors and non-resident property electors in the CSRD. Voters need to sign up to receive a mail ballot using this online form.

Mail Ballot Request Forms must be received by the CSRD before 12 PM (noon) on Monday, October 3, 2022. These forms will be checked to ensure the citizen is eligible to vote. If so, a mail ballot package will be mailed out or will be available for pick up from the CSRD Office once the ballots have been finalized.

To be counted, your mail ballot must be received by the Chief Election Officer at the CSRD Office no later than 8 PM (local time) on Saturday, October 15, 2022.

Please note: once you request a mail ballot, you will not be issued another ballot.