Local News

  • Seymour Arm (9/3/2018) - I spent a couple of days in Seymour Arm this week including the Seymour Arm Community Association AGM. It’s been a couple of years since I was up there and didn’t have “representing them” on my mind at that time. It was an interesting trip with this new perspective. The drive up was great, the … Continue reading Seymour Arm
  • Incorporation, again (9/3/2018) - I'm in favour of incorporation of some of the North Shuswap but...
  • Pipe Dreams (7/19/2018) - pipe dream: noun  – an idea or plan that is impossible or very unlikely to happen – Cambridge English Dictionary So this is what I’ve had for, well, a long long time. The pipe dream of getting water and sewer service into Scotch Creek. Between the current Official Community Plan and the rules laid down … Continue reading Pipe Dreams
  • Incorporation… (6/20/2018) - The quest to study the possibility of incorporating some or all of the North Shuswap has hit a snag.
  • Cannabis is Coming (6/19/2018) - Where would you like your friendly neighbourhood cannabis store?
  • Energy Efficient Buildings plan (4/25/2018) - New provincial plans to implement energy efficiency in new buildings will trickle to local government.